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All Teams Meeting #5 takes place on Zoom

October, 2020

CompCoRe held its fifth All Teams meeting and discussed plans for the interim report. Participants presented two-page summaries of their country cases. These evolved into the country reports in the Appendix of the CompCoRe Interim Report.

Hilgartner speaks on trust in experts at Columbia University

October, 2020

Stephen Hilgartner joined a panel on “Experts, Publics, and Trust during the Pandemic” as part of the Mellon-Sawyer Seminar on Trust and Mistrust of Science and Experts, organized by Gil Eyal from Columbia’s Sociology Department.

Jasanoff and Hilgartner speak at Schmidt Futures “Post-Apex Group”

September, 2020

Stephen Hilgartner and Sheila Jasanoff presented early CompCoRe findings to this group of prominent scientists, policy makers, and journalists affiliated with Schmidt Futures. The presentation was well-received.

All Teams Meeting #4 takes place on Zoom

September, 2020

CompCoRe held its fourth All Teams meeting. Participants compared the diverse answers  different countries gave to a set of questions about national responses to the pandemic and reflected on the results.

Jasanoff gives the Institute for Arts and Humanities Welcome Back Lecture

August, 2020

Sheila Jasanoff spoke on “Ignorance is bliss: Covid-19 and the politics of knowledge” at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Institute for Arts and Humanities. The lecture highlighted contestations around scientific expertise against the backdrop of political polarization in the United States.

All Teams Meeting #3 takes place on Zoom

August, 2020

CompCoRe held its third All Teams meeting. Country teams discussed salient national controversies. They also presented timelines of the pandemic documenting developments in the arenas of health, economics, and politics in their countries.

More countries join CompCore Network

August, 2020

A generous grant from Schmidt Futures allowed the project to add Australia, Brazil, and India as core members of the network and full participants in the study. Research groups from Peru, Indonesia and an African team became affiliates of the CompCoRe network.

All Teams Meeting #2 takes place on Zoom

July, 2020

The second All Teams meeting brought CompCoRe scholars together to discuss updates on the pandemic response in their countries.

All Teams Meeting #1 takes place on Zoom

June, 2020

Participants gathered for CompCoRe’s inaugural meeting to discuss the project’s scope and structure.

CompCoRe Project Receives NSF Funding

April, 2020

In late April, Stephen Hilgartner and Sheila Jasanoff received a pair of NSF RAPID Grants, enabling them to launch the CompCoRe collaboration.

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