Team Members

Ian McGonigle

Nanyang Technological University

Ian is a scholar of Anthropology and STS. He is interested in the relationships between science, technology and identity. He specializes in contemporary Middle Eastern societies, with a focus on genetic technologies and national development. His more recent research focusses on the relationships between human genome projects and ethnic identity in Asia. Ian came to NTU in 2018 with a Nanyang Assistant Professor start-up grant of SG$1M to launch a science and society research group. He has also been an affiliate of Harvard’s Program on Science, Technology, and Society, since 2013. Ian has Ph.D.s in Biochemistry (Cambridge 2010) and Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology (Harvard 2018).

Sharad Pandian

Nanyang Technological University

Sharad Pandian graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a degree in Physics, and then pursued an MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge as a Gates-Cambridge Scholar. Pandian has researched the history of astronomy, seismology in the 20th century, and the shift from Newtonian to Einsteinian physics.

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