Team Members

Florent Escribe

Mines ParisTech

Florent is an undergraduate student at Mines ParisTech attending a research trimester in the STS field. He joined CompCore as his main project for this session.

Bastien Lafon


Bastien is a student at Mines ParisTech. Singularly interested in issues at the crossroads of the public and private sectors, especially in energy, sustainable development and economic fields.

Brice Laurent

Mines ParisTech

Brice Laurent’s research focuses on the relationships between innovation and democracy, and uses the theoretical approaches and empirical methods of Science and Technology Studies (STS). He has published books on emerging technologies and the democratic issues they raise (Democratic Experiments. Problematizing nanotechnology and democracy in Europe and the United States, MIT Press, 2017), and on the politics of regulation (Labelling the economy. Quality and value in contemporay markets, with Alexandre Mallard (eds.), Palgrave, 2020 ; European Objects. The troubled dreams of harmonization, MIT Press, 2021). Brice Laurent’s current works relate to the political dimensions of technological projects, in domains such as city experiments and natural resources.

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