Team Members

Maria Hedlund

Lund University

Maria Hedlund’s research takes up the classical dilemma between democracy and expertise. Her research focuses on uses of expert knowledge in policy-making and the consequences on democracy. This is also the core in her teaching.

Åsa Knaggård

Lund University

Åsa Knaggård’s research is about the relation between science and politics. She studies the role of ideas and scientific knowledge and uncertainty in how political problems are defined and decisions are made. She also studies decision-making under risk and uncertainty from a more conceptual perspective, including a focus on robust decision-making. A third theme in her research is how responsibility for policy action is divided between actors (both public and private) and between political levels, and to what extent responsibility is accompanied by formal competence.

Shai Mulinari

Lund University

Shai Mulinari is an associate professor and senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology at Lund University. He undertakes research on pharmaceutical regulation, pharmaceutical industry practices and transparency, and policies around health and health-care inequalities. Among other things, his research has investigated how regulatory authorities in the USA and Europe have evaluated influenza drugs and how Nordic countries chose different strategies during the influenza pandemic in 2009.

Tobias Olofsson

Lund University

Tobias Olofsson holds a PhD from Uppsala University where he defended his thesis Mining Futures: Predictions and Uncertainty in Swedish Mineral Exploration in October 2020. During his PhD candidacy they were a member of the Uppsala Laboratory of Economic Sociology. Olofsson holds a bachelor and master degree (both in sociology) from Stockholm University.

Andreas Vilhelmsson

Lund University

Andreas Vilhelmsson is a public health researcher and public health consultant with a broad interest in different aspects of human health, but with a special focus on issues concerning global health, environmental health, mental health, pharmaceuticals (regulation, toxicology and pharmacovigilance), climate change, pandemics, nudging, AI and digitalization. Currently, he is working as a research assistant in a research project at the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Lund University looking at different environmental exposures and risk of cerebral pares. He is also involved in a project with the Department of Diagnostics, Acute and Critical Care at Institute of Health and Care Sciences, University of Gothenburg looking at how nudging techniques can be used in a clinical setting to achieve a more person-centered care. Andreas is also affiliated with the Division of Social Medicine and Global Health at the Department of Clinical Sciences Malmö, Lund University. Outside Academia, he serves as an editor for the PLOS Early Career Researcher Community Blog, a forum for the next generation of scientists and science writers and also as a lead subject editor for Elsevier’s multidisciplinary open access journal Social Sciences & Humanities Open.

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