CompCoRe at 4S

CompCoRe participants organized four panels at the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) annual meeting. Sheila Jasanoff launched the first panel, Fractured Consensus, with introductory remarks, and the German, South Korean, and Singaporean teams presented their work on the challenges their respective governments faced in producing consensus on Covid response. The second panel, Experts and Democracy, examined the controversies around expert authority and knowledge in France, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Australia. The third and fourth panels, in contrast, analyzed the role of publics and public health technologies in the production of such controversies in Austria, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, and the US. The panel series was concluded by Stephen Hilgartner’s remarks.

CompCoRe findings presented to Schmidt Futures Forum on Preparedness

Following a keynote speech by the WHO Director-General, Sheila Jasanoff and Stephen Hilgartner led off the event with a presentation of the CompCoRe Interim Report to key policy makers, leading academics and thought leaders, and thousands who tuned in. The talk framed the conversation for the Forum’s first day. A distinguished interdisciplinary panel reacted enthusiastically to their presentation.
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