Pearce delivers two lectures on UK team’s findings

Warren Pearce presented the UK teams chapter for the forthcoming CompCoRe edited volume, Socially-Distanced Science, first at the Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham on February 9 and then at the 3S Group (Science, Society & Sustainability), University of East Anglia on May 25. The chapter examines the imagined public within the UK’s scientific advice system to explain why the UK was one of the worst performers during the public health in terms of public health outcomes even though it was considered one of the most prepared nations for a pandemic before Covid-19.

Wilsdon invited to Independent SAGE meeting

UK Team’s James Wilsdon, a critic of UK’s Independent SAGE, was invited to the group’s briefing on May 6 as a guest. Wilsdon’s talk focused on the role of humility and openness in UK’s systemic advice system, asking why past lessons were forgotten. You can watch Wilsdon’s remarks here.

Pearce speaks about erosion of public trust in science in the UK

Warren Pearce gave a talk titled “Scientific emergency or emergency for science? Alternative experts and civic dislocation in the UK’s Covid-19 response” as part of Warwick Sociology Seminar Series. He demonstrated that the UK has experienced increasing ‘civic dislocation’ (Jasanoff 1997) during the pandemic, as public confidence in the country’s institutions to deliver reliable information and advice has eroded and reflected on possible ways forward.

Pearce publishes paper on Covid science advice

Warren Pearce (UK) published a paper about uncertainties in UK science advice in Humanities & Social Science Communications. The paper argues that contradictory representations of Covid infection rates in the UK stem from the dual roles of science advisors as both knowledge producers (through epidemiological models) and knowledge users (through policy advice).
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