Rao publishes article about Covid response decentralization in Bangalore

Bhargavi Rao of the India team published a critique of India’s centralized approach to responding to Covid-19. Her commentary commended the state government of Karnataka for finally realizing that a pandemic cannot be fought top down and for proposing a decentralised approach at the ward level in Bengaluru.

Saldanha and Rao condemn Bangalore’s plan to bury pandemic dead in landfill

In a press release, Leo Saldanha and Bhargavi Rao, both members of the India team and founders of Environment Support Group (ESG), called on officials to reconsider its plan to use a landfill to cremate and bury the bodies of Covid-19 victims. Saldanha and Rao challenged the government’s claim that two disaster management acts allow it to use the landfill as a crematorium, and demanded a more suitable and dignified solution.  

More countries join CompCore Network

A generous grant from Schmidt Futures allowed the project to add Australia, Brazil, and India as core members of the network and full participants in the study. Research groups from Peru, Indonesia and an African team became affiliates of the CompCoRe network.
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