Eisenberger, Boucz, and colleagues present on “COVID-19 and the Rule of Law in New Zealand and Austria” at ICONS Mundo Conference

At the International Society for Public Law, Austria team members Iris Eisenberger and Thomas Boucz presented their research on Austria’s and New Zealand’s pandemic responses and judicial review systems. They examined how the lockdowns were communicated and challenged in the courts. The authors discussed what having judicial review of government communications means for upholding the rule of law in the face of crisis. More information here.

Eisenberger gives talk on legal aspects of statistical modeling

Iris Eisenberger spoke about “Human Rights Requirements and Statistical Modelling” as part of a conference on “Digital Governance in the Times of Covid-19” organized by Bar Ilan University. She presented findings from her study on legal issues related to modeling.

Eisenberger wins grant for project on law and statistical modeling

Iris Eisenberger (Austria) and her colleagues received funding from the Province of Styria to study “Legal Requirements for Statistical Modeling” in Covid policy. The project is examining whether requirements for using statistical models can be derived from constitutional principles of democracy and the liberal state.
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